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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a sacred space where you can expect to be listened to, cared for and understood.  It is a place where one can have space to be one’s messy self, to be accepted as one is, and guided toward a greater understanding of who and how you are.  It is a space to figure out what might be stopping you and how to master the obstacles in one’s path to manifest the life you are desiring.  I am a big fan of creative expression, and I enjoy using art in the therapeutic process.  I find art to be a powerful and effective tool to discover healing, and it can be a fun creative way to “paint the picture of your life” and to find the inspired pathway to the change you are desiring.  

Trauma Treatment & EMDR

“Yes, you will rise from the ashes,
but the burning comes first.
For this part,
You must be brave.”
–Kalen Dion, poet

Trauma comes in many forms and has many faces.  I have studied the face of trauma since the 1990s, literally decades.  I am adept at helping people overcome traumas of all types.  To utilize a useful metaphor, I have learned the art of untangling knots, so to speak, to assist people with overcoming the obstacles that keep the entrapments of trauma intact.  If you are willing to be brave enough to try, then I am willing to be brave enough to help you find your own pathway to healing.  Recovery from trauma is quite possible.

Child Therapy

“Any day spent with you is my favorite day.  So, today is my new favorite day.”
–Winnie the Pooh.

Our children are our Treasure.  I believe children require care, warmth and positive regard, opportunities for fun and learning, and real respect.  These are the guiding principles that govern my work with children toward healing and support for the development of their true authentic self.  I strive to meet children where they are at and to utilize creative and intuitive interventions to cultivate a child’s inner essence and to release the burdens and blockages of this pure expression of self.  I believe parent participation is fundamental to a child’s growth and progress in therapy, and I strive to include parents as important partners in the treatment process.  I cannot imagine work that could be more satisfying than this.  I love my work with children!


I enjoy partnering and collaborating with new clinicians who are embarking on their own journey of guiding others toward growth and wholeness.  I would describe my supervision style as most concerned with facilitating and supporting the development and growth of one’s professional autonomy and creative agency.  The bottom line is that I recognize that the most powerful element of professional development is the therapist’s confidence to utilize their own unique personality to navigate the relationship space to impact the client toward positive change.  I love helping clinicians to discover how to cultivate their own inner uniqueness and intuitive knowing to grow into the art of therapy rather than relying exclusively on the science of theory and models.


Intake session  $210
Individual therapy 60 min.  $200
Individual therapy 45 min.  $150
Supervision 60 min  $100
Late cancel (less than 24 hours) $60
No show fee $75